From planning to system integration, as well as supporting projects with training and other support services, dainox is known as a reliable partner.

We advise our customers on the technical and strategic development of their IT solutions and share our expertise with customers during projects. An understanding of the technologies available on the market today, as well as emerging technologies of the future, form the basis for our services.

dainox IT security experts advise authorities and companies on analysing threats and security risks, audit infrastructures and security-related process flows, create security concepts and define measures to increase security levels.

Location networking

Safety, operability and cost efficiency

Data centre Firewall


Software-defined [x]

APIs, services, scripts and more

Secure site networking

Many roads lead to...

SNA, X.25, Frame Relay and ATM are all history. Today, it’s all about IP-based networking.

Still, there are different approaches to connecting company locations together, and all options still have their place.

These days, an SD-WAN solution is usually favoured, while traditional variants remain IPSec Site-2-Site VPNs or MPLS networks. They all fulfil their role, and as is so often the case, the right approach depends on the specific requirements.

As a very flexible and cost-effective approach, we offer site networking based on Fortinet SD-WAN.

Data centre firewall

Security, throughput and availability

Critical services and information are worth protecting. Access to resources in data centres also needs to be secured by appropriate functions. Next generation firewalls with IPS and virus scanners are the current state of the art.

Specific challenges in data centres are the higher network loads and the rapid growth of applications and virtual servers. Without the use of automated processes and the integration of vendor APIs into the provisioning workflows, a backlog of tasks can quickly develop. Hybrid approaches with services that are partly located in the cloud often require additional IPSec tunnelling and BGP routing at the firewall.

Fortinet and Cisco offer ideally suited models with flexible scalability for further growth. The components’ large variety of functions furthermore guarantee a high degree of investment security.

For decades, we have been gaining positive experience with PIX, FWSM and ASA in our customer projects. The logical next step is therefore to tackle the topic Firepower. They offer a wide range of possible applications in data centers, as two-tier firewall for WAN and internet or as anyconnect VPN concentrator. Their huge diversity of models offer a suitable solution for each performance category.

Software-defined [x]

Automation and orchestration


  • Restful API
  • Python3
  • Git
  • CI/CD
  • Ansible
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • vSphere
  • APIC

Faster roll-out, fewer individual errors

Frequently recurring configuration and administration tasks that always follow the same pattern are an unnecessary burden for IT operations and can often be automated to as much as 95 to 100% with reasonable effort.

In addition to a decreased workload, the systematic execution of scripts and processes also tends to increase the quality of these control tasks and reduce deployment time dramatically. Simple typos or incorrect configuration snippets created by inaccurate copy and paste actions can become a thing of the past thanks to the automation of configuration processes.

dainox DevOps experts work with you to define workflows and processes, create specifications and support you in ‘coding’ software and scripts.

Examples of dainox DevOps projects:

ACI APIC provisioning

Development of an automation platform based on GitLab and its CI/CD pipeline. Definition of automated processes for configuring network ports, creating network zones and creating tenants within the Cisco ACI infrastructure.

Firepower refuelling

Migration of Fortigate to Firepower using Python scripts which were used to configure objects, policy and interfaces to Firepower via workflow.

Maintenance rules for FortiManager API

Script-controlled maintenance of objects and rules via the Fortinet FortiManager API and organisation-wide roll-out via central management.