dainox solutions are essential elements in current IT network infrastructures in use and have been facilitating reliable and efficient IP-based end-to-end communication for many years.

Through its long-standing expertise, dainox also sets standards in the design of future IT communication architectures.

dainox services cover all phases of technical-logistical support and assistance throughout the operating process.n die dainox Dienstleistungen alle Phasen der technisch-logistischen Betreuung und Unterstützung ab.

System network

Deployable IP core network to connect subordinate local networks and systems

Central infrastructures

Data centres, NOC, central administration, voice transitions, network management

Reference architecture

Design, modelling and harmonisation of the national reference architecture

F&T studies

Our contribution to a functioning, powerful and future-oriented overall system

Mobile communication system

System network | Communication system

A deployable IP core network for networking deployment areas.

In addition to the design and integration of IT components, air-conditioning and workstation components in shelters, or more compact than BTuLB, we have also created security concepts, operating manuals, training concepts and risk assessments.

Central communication and control platform

Central infrastructures

A platform for the provision of virtualised services and components that acts as a link between decentralised networks and centralised services and that also provides the NOC infrastructure.

Transitions for both voice and data communication and central firewall, encryption and management systems support the operation of missions and enable secure provision of central services.

Reference architecture

Reference architecture and service-oriented approach

The service-oriented approach and use of the reference architecture help to avoid problems such as system duplication or incompatibilities and help to modernise the overall system for a future characterised by multinational deployments with different scenarios. The reference architecture acts as a blueprint and has a variety of positive effects on future procurement and operation of IT systems.


  • Comprehensive concepts
  • e.g. through conformity with national and international specifications
  • Compatibility with other systems
  • Interoperability
  • between individual armed forces but also at multinational level
  • Reusability of functional solutions
  • Specifications
  • only as detailed as necessary
  • Redundancies
  • Flexibility for different deployment scenarios
  • Reduced complexity of the overall system network
  • and, therefore, straightforward administration
  • Optimal function of the overall system network
  • and utilisation of full capacity
  • Adaptability and expandability
  • Fewer personnel
  • thanks to cross-system IT service personnel with in-depth training
  • Considerable cost savings

F&T studies

The modernisation and transformation of large and complex IT infrastructures is always a challenge involving considerable cost, time, function and operability risks, and does not stop at public clients. In the military sector, the greatest risk is the life of the troops, who are – today more than ever – dependent on solid, powerful and functioning IT.

All-round dainox expertise has been in demand in numerous studies. From actual recording, through the development of a coherent communication architecture taking into account numerous influences, to successful evaluation, further development and maintenance, we have been able to make meaningful and valuable contributions to the overall system of the future.


  • Design, modelling and harmonisation of a national communication reference architecture
  • Requirement engineering and management
  • Construction of demonstrators for evaluation and further development
  • Evaluation and testing
  • Design and operation of a reference system
  • Architecture explanatory contributions in the form of explanatory videos, brochures, workshops and training
  • Concept/architecture comparison
  • Marine
  • Evaluation of new technologies, such as SCIP encryption in the field of collaboration