From the idea to implementation and operation – supporting services in every phase.

dainox is an established service provider in internetworking, computing and virtualisation. dainox provides support with the design, implementation and operation of IT infrastructures.

Technical consulting

HLD/LLD creation

IT security

security concept


Operational support
2nd/ 3rd Level
personnel leasing

Technical consulting

Professional services

dainox provides support in all lifecycle phases of your IT infrastructure. dainox can supplement your specialists’ expertise in the preparation of tender documents, future-oriented selection of technologies and products, Proof of Concept investigations and, of course, implementation or operation of new solutions.

Carrier and provider networks

dainox carrier network experts have in-depth expertise in the design and implementation of IPv4/IPv6 unicast and multicast routing, L2TP, etc. Their experience is based on projects involving routers, carrier Ethernet switches and BNG from manufacturers Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and Nokia.

Data centres

The planning and implementation of data centre networks based on Cisco Nexus in NX-OS and ACI mode as well as the integration of Cisco Firepower 9300 and Fortinet Fortigate 2000x data centre firewalls have been in-demand services from dainox for many years, and are supported by dainox experts.

dainox technical consulting services

We would be delighted to advise you on the right approaches and products for the automation of network and firewall configurations, taking into account the respective manufacturer APIs, and putting them into operation with the corresponding workflows and scripts.


dainox has expertise in collaboration solutions based on Cisco Callmanager and Microsoft Skype for Business/Teams.
Operating expenditure can be dramatically reduced through the provision of processes and tools to automate new configurations and adapt terminal devices, user and routing configurations in Cisco Callmanager installations.


Security and availability are key priorities in the networking of systems in hospital settings. Network design made by dainox has been satisfying the stringent demands of medical facilities and hospitals for many years.

IT security

Risk minimisation with design optimisation


  • Design of sensitive network and firewall environments
  • Critical infrastructure audit
  • Creating and maintaining security concepts
  • Structure of SOC, SIEM
  • Risk management

Information security

IT security is now a central component of every project, product or company.

Digitisation has increased the need for security solutions and processes to ensure the protection of companies, customers and employees.

Alongside the design and implementation of secure network and firewall infrastructures, we also offer services in areas including risk analysis, creation and maintenance of security concepts and auditing of existing infrastructures or processes and documentation.

All security solutions from dainox comply with the latest requirements and support compliance with legal stipulations governing the security of networks, infrastructure, applications, data and users.

You can find more on the topic here:

Download Network security Short Paper

Download Network audit Short Paper


Operational support

Companies today often have to struggle with personnel bottlenecks within the operation of their IT infrastructures. A bottleneck can arise from both a lack of in-house expertise but also from additional expenditure during project work. In these cases, IT managers have the option of activating external support.

With external support, a company can flexibly plan and staff the personnel changes needed for its operations. It also allows for a quick and easy response to fluctuations in capacity utilisation.

In addition to planning and implementation, dainox offers operational support as a central service. dainox also relies on its trusted personnel for operational support and can offer personnel leasing, allowing dainox customers to benefit from long-standing experience in complex and technologically challenging IT projects.

Our short paper on the topic:

Download operational support Short Paper