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dainox solutions include the design, development and implementation of military communication solutions based on tried-and-tested civilian standards. We provide system integration for containers, shelters, BTuLB or stationary systems and data centres, whilst always striving to accomplish our primary goals of availability, security and operability.

Transport services

Global networking of deployment areas and connection to the central services in the domestic base


Voice and video-based communication and relaying: VVoIP | SBC


Software-defined mission networking: technologies, concepts and solutions for military missions

dainBox ®

Modular, compact platform for virtualisation | Compact cloud services

Transport services

Mobile communication system

An IP core network for military use:


  • Deployable
  • Secure
  • Comprehensive
  • Powerful
  • Highly available
  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
  • Tested in use since 2010

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The control and monitoring centre for the core network in the deployment area with workstations for administrators.


  • Central control of the entire integrated network,
  • including configuration, release and change management of all active components and sensors as well as their provisioning
  • Central monitoring of the entire integrated network,
  • including recognition, logging, reporting and rectification of occurring error conditions
  • First level support
  • including patch management
  • VoIP and video call management and administration
  • Segmentation, firewalling and intrusion prevention (IPS)
  • Virtualised, network-related services

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The redundant network node deployable for the IP core network in the deployment area is designed as an air-conditioned cabin solution with integrated workstation for administrators. It is also the point of connection with standardised interfaces and protocols for local access networks and systems at a deployment site.


  • Fully redundant system design (including routing, load sharing, WAN optimisation)
  • Authorised encryption
  • Fully (gapless) remote monitoring capability
  • Script-based commissioning of active components
  • Multiple usage options (national/multinational)
  • Redundant inclusion of different transmission systems
  • (directional radio, satellites, carrier Ethernet, internet, etc.)
  • Field-tested range of usage options (national/multinational)
  • Integrated and removable workplace for administrators

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The BTuLB as a small system detachment completes the deployable range ‘downwards’ and thus facilitates quicker commissioning at the deployment location thanks to lower logistical outlay.

The portable container with integrated UPS and attached air-conditioning is a compact housing for active IT components.


  • Functionally equivalent to SysTrp
  • Better suited to smaller and medium-sized deployment locations
  • Reduced installation and operation outlay
  • Improved autarchy
  • Distributed redundancies
  • Components: air-conditioning system and transport container

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Prototyping | Demonstrators

Fieldable systems: realised on the basis of the architecture components developed by dainox as part of F&T studies for relevant components (OT, CA, LTN, CB) as system elements of a communications solution.

These prototypes are used for practical testing of the national reference architecture.

Proof of function has been provided through participation in NATO exercises in 2019 and 2020.

These prototypes are currently integral parts of the FMN PCN reference system and AV&V is now working on measures to further develop FMN Spirals.


Voice, video, chat and more

For generations enhancements of communications technologies were significantly driven by military and political requirements.
This particularly applies to the internet of today. Collaboration is the overall target. Systems or nations need to securely communicate with each other via text, images, or voice.

dainox experts have designed the first IP based collaboration solutions for the German Armed Forces and have thus laid the foundation to meet present and future requirements.

dainox helps to identify requirements specific to military operations and then works together with renowned manufacturers of hardware and software solutions to follow through with the development of innovative and trendsetting solutions. The know-how and competitive edge gained during this process prepare the way for the successful implementation of high-performance and robust dainox Collaboration solutions based on specifics in a military environment.

dainox is your ideal partner if complex solutions need to be easily operable: we automate your solutions and routine tasks according to your requirements.


Software Defined Mission Network

Network technologies and protocols continue to evolve in order to keep pace with the ever more challenging requirements of the digital age. Due to – in some cases – very short innovation cycles with increasing complexity, the traditional, dedicated solution development is no longer appropriate. When it comes to military equipment in particular, it must be noted that a new methodology of solution development is indispensable for particularly low-maintenance and durable network solutions.

Within this context, the ‘Software Defined Mission Network®’ (SDMN) should be seen as our first contribution and proposal: in order to master current and future network infrastructure challenges, each network solution must be designed as a service-oriented platform from the very outset.

It is extremely important that we distinguish between SDN and SDMN. In the civilian marketplace, SDN (software-defined networking) comes under the general term of cloud computing, which is linked to a centralised approach to network control (control plane versus forwarding plane). SDN only addresses some partial aspects of SDMN (development, particularly commissioning and upgrades). In addition, the majority of SDN solutions (e.g. SD-WAN) are initially available only as manufacturer-specific solutions. By contrast, the importance of software-defined technologies and services is growing in the military sector, which should introduce cross-manufacturer interoperability (as with FMN).

SDMN as a platform-independent concept forms the definitive basis for every new development by dainox for military IT infrastructures.

Particular environments have particular challenges; civilian cloud approaches cannot, of course, be mapped to these special environments and the topics of autarchy and security play an even more important role here.

Military software-defined networking = SDMN ® from dainox.


  • Adaptability
  • Automation
  • Programmability (API; NETCONF/RESTCONF/YANG)
  • Short-term deployability
  • Low operational costs
  • Quick upgrades
  • FMN AV&V


Statement regarding SDMN® | AutOr®

Marketing departments of network manufacturers (not without the involvement of market research institutes) have let new terms spring up like mushrooms in recent years in order to stimulate customers' buying appetite time and again. All these terms are based on an age-old conception of SDN1 (Software-Defined Networks), measured in IT innovation cycles.

Our intention is not to perform an elaborate analysis of these interlocking terms and background technologies. Rather, it is to ensure that our message "SDMN® | AutOr®" for a specific subset of IT decision makers is not lost in the flood of this "marketing information". Our concepts are tailored exclusively to the needs of Mission Networks right from the start.

(Rather rhetorical) questions to describe the specifics of our environments:
But what does an inexperienced network administrator actually get as SDN these days? Do network solutions get a technological innovation or at least robust further development of the already existing and established protocols, methods, and solutions for their own network infrastructures, which in particular continue to be or are only allowed to be operated on-prem and often can only ensure a limited bandwidth? Of course, SDN is not just "the same old wine is new bottle"!

A "parachute" full of innovation ideas (Hyperautomation, SDN, SDX, DevOps, CyberOps are mainly to be understood as a current reference listing) is basically available to everyone. Only SDMN® as a "paratrooper" is specialized in terms of mission type and deployment type, namely Mission Networks. But real "precision landing" is hardly possible without AutOr® in order to map operational processes and conditions of a very concrete system (ecosystem) as comprehensively as possible and still operable, affordable for the network administrator.

Consequently, our conception and implementation for Mission Networks "SDMN® | AutOr®" present themselves on the one hand as a clear differentiation from the general commercial products, but on the other hand not necessarily as a formal distancing from the modern methods, tools of DevOps and CyberOps. A full-stack development is not to be equated with "from scratch" and is based on an explicit expectation of reusability of the developed, tested program libraries.

If you have any questions or are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussions!

SDMN Container

IT innovation meets modern workspaces

The deployable, 20-foot ISO container - the future-proof shell for IT integration - can be individually configured for a wide variety of uses and, when scaffolded, can be transported by truck, rail and air.

The concept and implementation of the container combine innovative, high-performance IT with a modern and highly functional workspace. The spatial separation of energy-climate-technology-, server- and workspace meets the different requirements of people and technology and enables the realization of modern and ergonomic workplaces.

Energy/air-conditioning technology room: with integrated, powerful 15 kW power unit for self-sufficient power supply. For easy maintenance, the aggregate can be pulled out by means of heavy-duty rails. Simultaneous supply of a second container is also possible.

Server room: Depending on the required performance of the servers and the specific function in use, with up to three server cabinets, for vibration- and shock-absorbing integration of the modern IT components, individually configurable.

Workspace: Modern, highly functional and ergonomically designed with modular, customizable installation system for plenty of storage space. Details such as the dual monitor solution, computer peripherals that can be stowed away in table flaps, and individually adjustable LED lighting guarantee maximum functionality and comfort. Comprehensive control options for light, air and power through a modern KNX system as well as the integrated air conditioning system for pleasant temperature control in all climate zones.

SDMN: In accordance with the SDMN concept (Software Defined Mission Networking), all necessary functions can be mapped with the container on a software basis - from the WAN network node to the mission-specific data center.


  • 20-foot standard container
  • 15 kW aggregate
  • Separate air conditioning of work and server room
  • 3 ergonomic and functional workstations
  • 3 separate areas: Energy-climate-technology-, server-, work-room
  • Climate zones C1, B3, A1
  • Programmable technology control
  • Platform for SDMN

dainBox ®

The dainBox family, compact IT power plants

Compact IT power plants in the age of software-defined transformation.

We currently distinguish between sector-specific strategies, products and processes, but they can, in summary, be referred to as general, trend-setting technologies: software-defined anything (SDx).

In this respect, the dainBox product family is fully on trend and opens up new perspectives and pragmatic design options for IT infrastructures in one application.

dainBox SA (Stand Alone)

The steadily increasing performance of standard hardware acts as a catalyst for the use of software-defined technologies. One of the main advantages of these technologies is the provision of different IT services on one hardware platform. The ‘refuelling’ | Configuration is critical to the function of a system and no longer only the hardware equipment and its software. In the military sector, this means a universal platform rather than lengthy and cost-intensive development of a special monolithic hardware solution for every application.

Virtually the entire IT service portfolio can be mapped with just a few hardware modules.

dainBox SA is a flexible, highly modular hardware construction kit designed to be compact, powerful and for mobile use under the toughest of conditions.


  • Service platform for router, firewall, intrusion prevention system, session border controller, call manager, active directory, webserver, e-mail, different applications
  • Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESXi virtualisation platform
  • Active cooling and heating
  • Toughened and resistant to radiation

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dainBox RM (Rack Mount)

Compact and powerful no longer need to be at odds:

dainBox RM offers a service platform with ESXi hypervisor for the provision of network-related services, management, routing, switching, next generation firewall and collaboration services as well as integration of BSI-approved encryption.

This also makes it particularly suitable as a monitoring and control extension (MCx) module in accordance with the national reference architecture.

Everything in one box, only 1 unit high. The dainBox platform is synonymous with SDMN ® solutions from dainox.

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