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image source: [3] wojsko-polskie 2022

dainox at CWIX

dainox products and demonstrators have been successfully presented at CWIX1 since 2017 in order to prove primarily the necessary Federated Interoperability2 in line with the FMN specifications. Our "CWIX team" expects technically highly interesting and challenging tasks according to the current FMN regulations once again this year.

The final coordination conference CWIX-223 took place in Poland on March 22-25, 2022: It represents an important prerequisite and at the same time sets the course for a successful IT exercise in June. The up to now most comprehensive participation (support) of the company dainox is firmly planned.

For a pre-accreditation or a conformity assessment for the multinational interoperability, the following questions must first be nationally answered from the perspective of an overall solution consisting of system and service:

  • Is the system built correctly?
  • Has the right system been built??
  • Is the (specific) life cycle of the system dealt with?
  • Is the co-operation in all designated Combined and Joint Forces seamless?

As a developer and integrator of the proven Comms total solutions, dainox uses elaborate testbeds and modern, mainly self-developed tools to evaluate these issues in advance.

Our extended quality assurance ensures high solution standards and problem-free, backward-compatible integrability in the existing system landscape. The results of this dainox strategy can be seen in the form of stable and continuous further development of the overall objectives in line with the latest Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) requirements and (multi)national specifications.